In today's world, more people than ever are doing it all. You've got family to take care of, work to do, friends to see, and passions to pursue. It's a lot to juggle and even the most diligent people could use a little help. Luckily, City Pace is designed to help you do less so you can have more.

Get to know a little more about the people who started City Pace and their vision to simplify lives and bring communities together:

Jessyka Lee is the mother of two darling children, which (aside from all the amazing perks that children bring) has given her a vast understanding of the value of personal time. She knows the dedication it takes to be an involved parent with a career-focus in today's modern world and has developed superior organizational skills in her quest to do it all. Jessyka's copious management experience with high-end local and national companies in the retail and food industries has proven her to be a successful, results-driven team leader, always producing above what is expected of her. Jessyka's refined organizational and personal skills serve as the foundation for her achievements. Originally from Northern California, this world traveler has taken her small children to such places as Europe and India and prides herself on being the go-to girl for vacation planning and tips on making travel with children much, much easier. Since living in St. Louis, Jessyka has completed her master of fine arts degree in Creative Writing, worked as an editor and tutor, and served as the president of a non-profit arts organization designed to bring the literary world into the STL community. Jessyka looks forward to the assisting you with whatever obstacles that life may bring.

Lindsay Shadwell prides herself on being the ultimate go-to girl; a modern woman of discerning taste, Lindsay always knows where to find the best food, entertainment, services, and deals St. Louis has to offer. Her vast and varied management experience in locally-owned retail, food, and editorial environments has given this organizational maven a serious eye for detail and a knack for smart, efficient project management. In addition to these skills, Lindsay Shadwell is a talented, award-winning writer and editor with a plethora of experience copywriting, copy editing, and proofreading everything from corporate publications to websites to nationally-distributed magazine issues. She is very knowledgeable about publication layout and design and is a wiz at using the Adobe Design Suite, having developed and written content for websites and blogs, alike, as well as numerous print publications (press release, anyone?). Lindsay holds not one but two writing degrees: a master of fine arts degree in Creative Writing from a selective writing program and a bachelor of arts in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She looks forward to working with you and would love to chat about how she can turn your next project into a stunner.