Client Reviews

At City Pace, we strive to provide our clients with exceptional service, no matter the task performed. And from what we hear, we're doing a pretty great job. Check out what our clients are saying about us:

"We used City Pace's Event Planning services and everything (pre-party preparation, party, and even after party clean up) was above and beyond our expectation. This was the best birthday party we have had for our girls comparing with various other venues we had tried in the past for our girls. The children all had a fabulouis time. We are very appreciative of the 5-star service that the City Pace staff provided for a very fair price. We definitely will be sharing information about City Pace's services with friends and families when the opportunity arises."

Jen Jen C. and John D.

Olivette, MO

"I regularly use City Pace for office management and home organizing, they provide excellent organizational support and positive energy in supporting my business."

Terri J.

Creve Coeur, MO

"City Pace has helped me out with just about everything and my experience has been awesome! If you are a busy executive/parent - hire them immediately!"

Scott S.

Abstrakt Marketing - Downtown St. Louis

"I purchased City Pace's On The Town package and they provided me with Saint Louis weekend information, restaurant reservations, flower delivery to my hotel, and more. Excellent service–great way to get 'on-the-ground' information about St. Louis"

Gary E.

Springfield, MO

"I must say that my experience with City Pace has been phenomenal! Every task or job that I have asked to have done has not only been met but has exceeded my expectations. My only wish is that I would have met Jessyka and Lindsay earlier!"

Nick L. - Valley Park, MO

"I can't even express how valuable City Pace has been to our company. As a small business, we have been so hyper-focused on our daily routine that we didn't even realize what could be done do to maximize the efficiency and usefulness of our workspace. Enter City Pace–Jessyka and Lindsay are not only thoughtful, responsive, creative, fast, affordable, effective, and knowledgeable, they are also genuinely cool people who mesh well with our personalities and the vibe of our shop. The things we used to stress about (filing, running errands, rearranging displays, etc.) are now in their hands, and as a result, we are free to concentrate on running our business. City Pace is the perfect counterbalance to any indie business owner who doesn't have the time or the skills to manage small but necessary tasks that would make his/her operation run more smoothly. We don't know how we survived before without City Pace, but lucky for us, we are never letting them go!"

Randy V. - Cherokee Street District

"As a business owner and a student, I barely had any time to get basic tasks done. City Pace completely changed that for me. They make things as easy as possible by communicating through text, email, phone–whatever is easiest for you. Sometimes it feels like they can read your mind and already know what you need! One of the best parts is that City Pace is made up of incredibly skilled and organized people–the tasks they can help with are quite varied and are done so, so well. If you're looking for a way to clean up stress and clutter from your life, City Pace is the answer!"

Sarah H.

Green Bean Salads - Central West End

"My family used City Pace's "While You're Away" services during the week of our annual summer vacation. They watered all of our plants (indoor and outdoor) and collected the mail. It gave me great peace of mind knowing that all was being taken care of while we were away. Awesome job!!"

Cacey J.

South St. Louis - Shaw Neighborhood